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Tujanranta Consultants


"Tujanranta­­ - hyvinvointia ja teknologiaa"


"Tujanranta brings technology towards the health and wellness of people" 




Mitä me teemme

Projetikonsultaatio, geronteknologia, hyvinvointiteknologia, matkailu

Palvelemme suomeksi, ruotsiksi, englanniksi, hollanniksi, saksaksi ja ranskaksi.

What do we do

Project consultation, gerontechnology,

welfare technology, tourism

Language spoken Finnish, Swedish,

English, Dutch, German and French.

We are a consulting and human development services provider whose purpose is to develop, produce, and promote courses in professional training, personal development, empowerment, educational programs, and related product lines. We strive to support organizations and individuals by making their visions, dreams, and goals become a reality. We can help you facilitate organizational change, empower, enliven and enlighten individuals and organizations, align employees towards the same goal and train individuals to become professional coaches.